Online Marketing

Marketing has changed significantly in the last five years. If you're talking at your customers instead of to them you have some catching up to do.

What does 'Marketing' mean to us?

We believe marketing isn't about how many people's eyes you can get in front of; we believe marketing is about how many personal connections you make that lead to long-term loyal customers. The ever-growing popularity of the internet and widespread adoption of smart phones allows customers to very quickly and efficiently spread the word about products they use, like and dislike. This new media is distributed faster than newspaper, radio, or television. With the ability to interact directly with a large portion of your customers, marketing and customer service must be merged to provide the customer with a high-quality relationship.

Email Marketing

Newsletters are a fantastic way to keep in touch with a large client base. Today's technology allows us to subscribe customers to newsletters. Subscription software allows interested customers to sign up for solicited email. Email lists target the customers who are most interested in your products. We will create, design, and integrate your newsletter into your website as well as maintain the mailing list and install your software.

Online Advertising

Are you experiencing poor results with Google Adwords? Are you advertising online based on keywords and not customer relationships or corporate partnerships? We know how to get in front of the eyes of the people who are interested in your industry. We put context into your advertising to gain customers interested in your product and not clicks from confused web users.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is more important today than ever before. Everyone carrying a smart phone has access to a search engine. Smart phones allow your customers to look up competitors, products, prices, location and promotions on the spot! Optimizing your website for search engine crawlers will help boost your rank in search results and easily compete in your industry. Unlike most of our competitors, we believe spamming search engines is unethical, and we stick to strategies which ensure your website doesn't get dropped or banned from Google. All of our optimization strategies are referenced officially by Google and don't use any "magic".

Social Media Campaign

Social Media takes a huge amount of human resources to interact with a large customer base. If you are a small or medium company, it can be difficult to implement a "social media department". We already have all the resources and expertise of how to engage your target market; just teach us about your company, and we can run your campaign for you.

Establish your target market

Marketing Online isn't about Facebook or Twitter, it's about all the online communities available. For example: if you're a photographer, you should be building relationships on pinterest and flikr. If you are in the hospitality industry, you should be engaging people on trip advisor, foursquare and Virtual Tourist. A retailer may want to focus on Yelp or Epinions.

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