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As a Real Estate Professional or Business, we know you need a website that showcases your listings in a way that maximizes their appeal and exposure resulting in increased leads. Start your project

Our Real Estate Listings System meets company branding guidelines from RE/MAX, Coldwell Banker, Century 21, Royal LePage and more. Our system also allows for Unlimited Listings and Listing Photos.

Branding Guidelines

Meeting Brand Guidelines

Every major real estate company sets brand guidelines that need to be followed by each agent. Very often, these guidelines are not followed and REALTORS get a notice of violation. These notices can result in penalty fees and cause disruptions as well as costly website revamps. Frostybot is familiar with the branding rules and makes sure they are met on each and every real estate project.

unlimited listing images

Unlimited Listings & Images

Our system is built in a way that maximizes performance and ease-of-use, which allows you to add and manage as many listings as you wish! Frostybot also knows the importance of amazing, high-quality images that are required to make each listing more appealing. Frostybot can incorporate very large images (no limit) into your website. Our drag and drop multiple upload system saves you time when uploading many images.

listing searching

Easy & Advanced Searching

It's extremely important for your visitors to be able to find relative listings quickly and effectively. Frostybot's Listings System includes search functionality that makes it very fast and easy for users to display your listings. You will be in control of your listing searches by selecting and customizing the search features.

listing tags and categories

Tags & Categorization

In addition to searching, listings in our system can be categorized and tagged. Categories can be anything from price ranges, areas, neighborhoods, or listings status (eg. Sold, New, and Reduced). Tags are an extra way of organizing your listings so users can quickly see listings that share a certain feature. For example, you can tag listings with a "Pool", then your customers can easily click a link to view these specific listings.

Full List Of Included Features

Fully customizable!

The Frostybot Real Estate Listings System gives you full control of the layout, design, and operation of your pages. Nothing in our system is locked in; we can change anything to work your way.

Agent, Agents, Groups, Companies, you name it

With the Frostybot Listings System, you can allow an agent, team, office or company to login and post their listings to your site. However, if you prefer, you can restrict users to their own listings or let them edit all listings belonging to their company. The system is great for developers or condos with multiple sellers. The system works well for rents, leases and sales.

Get Social!

Website visitors can save their search results. When you upload a listing that matches a visitor`s search parameters, they will receive an automated email of that listing. Forms such as 'Request a Showing' and 'Send to Friend' can be forwarded to an agent, company, site admin, or any combination of the three.

Google Maps

We don't like Bing Maps! The accuracy and functionality is slow and annoying. We use Google Maps to automatically geocode properties by address. You can also have an advanced search view with criteria sliders.

HD Video

Adding video for your listings allows potential buyers to preview the house at their convience, 24 hours a day. Our system supports both Vimeo and Youtube video embedding.


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