A Professional Start for your Business

ProStar is a website template built on Joomla that is targeted to businesses who want all the features and aesthetics of a custom website for a fraction of the cost. Create a new website, edit and customize it, and promote it quickly and easily! Best of all, ProStar works for any industry!

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Frosty Analytics

Frosty Analytics will track your visitors and prepare a report of their movements on your website. It will also indicate how they arrived or were directed to your site. The results are obvious and tracked; therefore, Frosty Analytics provides a great tool for deciding the budget for online marketing strategies.

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Websites for Crime Stoppers

Safe, secure, quick, limitless. We developed a Crime Stoppers site for every chapter.

Frostybot's Crime Stoppers website solution was specifically designed to make things easier for each organization. Quick to set up, affordable, and very customizable!

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Real Estate Websites

Our property listings engine is easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to customize. The engine is internationalized to allow multiple languages and currency/measurement formats. It leverages popular online services like Google Maps to provide a user-friendly experience. Also, it supports many types of sales; therefore, it is versatile enough to work for both rental and real estate agencies. Our property listings engine can be extended with add-ons,­ including reservation calendars and reporting tools.

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