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News vs. Blog and Google (SEO)

In 2009, Google started to hint that there is a difference between news and blogs; however, it was never disclosed about how it differentiates these two sources.

Google News vs Blog

From a technical point of view, there is no difference between a news article or a blog post; they are both just a web page. The difference is in keywords ("corporate blog" vs "corporate news") and the content included in the posting. Google scrutinizes the frequency of your updating and posting articles rather than the semantics of the directory naming. On a smaller scale (corporate websites compared to news media websites), Frostybot sees an increase in Google rank for a website with a "blog". When content writers have less bureaucracy controlling them, they post more content. The reduction of formality leads to more posts, and in our opinion, a more personal connection with the customer.

Traditionally, a "news" section of a website is formal (think press/news releases) and contains information such as the city and province of release, release date, headline (title or heading), first (teaser/intro) paragraph and contact information (name, email, address, phone number).

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Highlighting Diversity Of Content (Google Blog)

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