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Frostybot Marketing Corp Infrastructure

In 2015, Frostybot focused on our distributed technology infrastructure with specific attention on preparing for a natural disaster or loss of equipment.

Although Frostybot is a small web development company, our technology meets or exceeds “Enterprise Class” solutions. Frostybot administers domain names, DNS, CDN, servers, backups and software, all here at Frostybot. The ability to control our infrastructure allows us to give answers, not excuses, when providing support. Frostybot’s IT infrastructure is done “the right way” not “the easy/cheap way”, which allows Frostybot to deliver a better quality service than our competitors.

In order to capitalize on Frostybot’s services, clients must subscribe to Frostybot’s maintenance plan. The maintenance plan is designed to reduce costs for upgrades in the future and increase speed and compatibility in the present. Frostybot’s website maintenance service also includes priority support (a less than 24 hour reply to correspondence; something rarely achieved in the IT industry).

Domain Names

The domain name is one of the most valuable portions of a website. Having the ability to modify your domain name on the fly without compromising your security or your ownership of the domain is important to us; that’s why we set up Frostybot Domains. When a problem arises, we have access to the domain so that we can provide full support and proactively fix problems before they happen.

If your domain name is not located at Frostybot, please consider transferring your domain to our system so that we can provide you with superior support. We have configured our domain system to work without us, meaning that if Frostybot were to disappear, your domain would still be safe and owned by you.


At the DNS level is where Frostybot does all of our security checks, some of our caching, as well as content distribution. A lot happens at the DNS level of a website, so in this article I’ll just focus on instant record changes. Standard (legacy) DNS systems take up to 72 hours to change a record, meaning if a mistake is made during the update, it could be well over 144 hours of downtime to your website. Frostybot uses “instant DNS” when we update your DNS settings; the change is instant. This method allows us to quickly solve any large issues by pointing to a new server (or on larger sites, network). This technique protects against any physical or high level software problems by just changing the source.

Frostybot provides DNS service with the maintenance plan.

Website Hosting

The most common form of web hosting is “Shared hosting”. Most shared hosting providers give you a GUI that allows anyone to login with a web interface in order to make changes or update their web and database server. This method is great for “Personal Class” solutions that don’t need to rank well on Google. However, if you are in the business of making money or serious about your online marketing, you need something that is more secure, faster, reliable and robust. Our main solution is VPS-based, also known as “cloud computing”. VPS allows us to very quickly start and stop servers. When combined with our above-mentioned DNS solution, we can change servers very rapidly. This quick change is important if there is a catastrophic event, or we loose hardware for any number of reasons (such as fire or theft).

Generic server room image


We keep what are called “offsite backups”, which means our backups are located outside of our office. If we were to lose our office in an extraordinary incident, nothing detrimental would happen - websites would keep running, development projects wouldn’t be lost, and all the images collected would be okay.

As well as offsite backups, Frostybot uses two backup methods: cloud-based (a redundant inhouse dropbox like solution) git-based (a distributed github-like version control system).

Once a month, we backup all our data and store it physically at an undisclosed location. The backup is compressed and encrypted and contains all data related to Frostybot (Frostybot never keeps any credit card or payment information).

We feel it is important to explain Frostybot’s infrastructure as these methods really set Frostybot ahead of the industry. The bottom line: Frostybot is serious about your website. The above strategy is the bare minimum needed to earn a client's trust, and Frostybot is constantly striving to do even more. Respecting a client’s data is necessary to provide industry-leading service and support.

If you have any questions about this article, please feel free to contact us.

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