Adding A YouTube Video to iProperty

iProperty allows you to display videos from any provider (such as YouTube or Vimeo), as long as they allow for third party embedding.  This tutorial explains the steps of how to embed a YouTube Video to your iProperty software.

  1. Go to Youtube and find the video you want to share. (Example:
  2. Click the "Share" tab to the right of the about tab.
  3. Click the Embed tab next to the "share this video" tab
  4. Copy the embed code.
  5. Go to your Joomla administrator: (Example:
  6. Click Components > Intellectual Property > Properties
  7. Find the property (aka listing) you want to edit and click on the address. (You should now see the "Edit Property" Page)
  8. Click on the "Images / Video" tab near the top
  9. Click the "Video" tab
  10. Paste the above code (from step 4) into the "Video" box.
  11. Save & Close the listing.


  • Please note that you must have saved the listing before you can add a video to it. ┬áThis is so that the listing has an id in the database to attach a video to.
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