Naming your Files

Before uploading any file to the web, it's important to make sure your file names are suitable for use on the internet. There are some factors in a file name that can cause issues like broken links and search engine crawling errors. Here are some tips on what to avoid, and best practices for file naming convention:

Do Not use special Characters

Certain characters when used in file names on the web can cause links to become broken, and some web-software not to perform correctly. To remedy this, it's best to avoid use of ALL special characters (including spaces) in file names including:

! # @ % $ & * ( ) + , " " | ~ ` SPACE

Best Practices for File Names

When choosing a file name, you want to create a name that best describes your file, and seperate words with dashes. For example, if you were to upload an image of a house you may want to choose the area and address, along with what the image depicts of that particular property:


The file name above will work for use online, not causing any issues. This convention will also make it easier for search engines like Google to rank your image and property in its' results.

File Extensions

Some online systems don't allow capitalized file extensions. To avoid any issues it's best to change your file extension to lower case. Example: image.jpg

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