Klironomos Lab

John Klironomos, Ph.D. turns to Frostybot to develop a website and brand for the UBCO Ecology Department.

Launch Website


A New Digital Presence

Creating the lab's presence online began with wireframes, disovery and logo/website development. The website design needed to be functional and intuitive, while still maintaining the rich characteristics and visuals of the brand. The perfect balance was found and the site was brought to life.

The Klironomos Lab Screenshots

How we helped


This project required a lot of features including search, directory for publications, photo of the day, and an organized blog. Frostybot worked with John Klironomos in the discovery phase of the project closely and worked hard to deliver a final result that exceeded his expectations.

The lab also required Frostybot to create a new logo. John had a very specific vision for the brand that featured the earth combined with a leaf and the title of the UBCO department. We understood the John’s envistioning and devilvered a print-ready crisp design promptly.

About the lab

What's it all about?

The Kilironomos Lab is a department at the University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus that focuses on understanding the causes and consequences of plant and microbial diversity in terrestrial ecosystems run by John Klironomos, Ph.D.

For some time, John Klironomos had a keen interest in understanding the causes and consequences of plant and microbial diversity in terrestrial ecosystems.

The website Frostybot developed for John is an area where the lab can share findings, research information, publications, and more.

Logo Concepts

Once again, great images

Like many of our previous projects, John Klironomos and his team provided us with some great looking, unique images to work with. All these images proved to be very useful in the design phase of the project and added some stunning visuals that really reflected what the lab is all about.

Working with John

Working with John Klironomos was an extreme pleasure, his direction on his brand, lab, visuals, and content was clear and concise. The entire project went very smooth and Frostybot was able to deliver an outstanding product.

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