Ecoscape Environmental Consultants Ltd.

Ecoscape Environmental Consultants Ltd. was founded in April, 2006. Since that time, Ecoscape has grown to a full service environmental consulting firm. Ecoscape serves private and governmental clients across a broad base of environmental fields, mostly focused on aquatic and terrestrial habitats.

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How We Helped

Maintaining the Good

When Ecoscape came to us, they had already achieved good search engine positioning. They needed an experienced and knowledgeable SEO programmer to ensure their rankings were not compromised.

Improving their Brand

Ecoscape is staffed by scientists who conduct themselves in a professional manner, which is why the requirements included an aesthetic design that would not sacrifice branding. A Content Management System (CMS) was used in order to reduce future maintenance costs.

User Interface

Ecoscape provides a large number of environmental services. Ecoscape needed to clearly communicate these available services to their clients. Our use of horizontal navigation, search, and breadcrumbs allow the user to easily navigate the website, regardless of experience.

camera icon Working with Ecoscape

Our Favorite Part

All of Ecoscape's images were taken by Ecoscape's employees while out on the job site. These photos are beautiful and breathtaking. The "in-house" photos used on the website add a personal touch which helps shows the quality of Ecoscape's work.

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Ecoscape Environmental Consultants had very specific requirements for our website. We needed a cost efficient solution that was graphically pleasing and would result in increased viewership of our site. Nick provided us with outstanding service and attention to detail from the start.

He took the time necessary to inform us about website development specifics, ensuring we didn't spend money unnecessarily on products or services that we didn't specifically need. Further, the product he produced exceeded our expectations and he made sure that every concern that we raised was addressed. As I have said to Nick previously, the best testimonial I can give is to provide his name to others, something I have done many times already.

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