Good Omens

A former Summerland Coffeehouse used Frostybot for their website needs.

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A sign of good things to come

Good Omens was Summerland's quintessential coffeehouse. Located across from the entrance of Summerland Middle School, it was three minutes North of Main Street (walking).

Good Omens Website Screenshot

How We Helped


Good Omens' wanted to portray a unique look with regards to their online presence. They wanted to appeal to the younger, more "hip" crowd, but not scare away any age group.

We incorporated various design techniques to pull off a design and online experience that proved to be both easily navigated and appeal to a younger generation (who use smart phones as their primary internet device). Good Omens was a great place to get work done and our favourite location for meeting clients.

Our Favourite Part

Good Omens was a lot more than a coffee shop!
Jason made very inspiring food for his customers far beyond that of any other coffee shop. We enjoyed working on all aspects of this project, and consuming the great variations of food and drinks offered at the Good Omens coffee shop. Our inspiration was fuelled by their coffee and delicious treats!

Good Omens Coffee Cup Good Omens Coffeehouse Photos
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